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Talking heads to the future of gaming in Virtual Reality yet still the conversation can sustain some chatter about how we gamed back then.

Discussed: The Order 1886, Vive VR Headset from HTC, Valve, Steam, Installation Times, Playstation and Xbox Menus

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Join the ever shrinking membership of the Trusty Crowbar and of video game time as they discuss the independent world of kickstarter and the most lookalike skylander minecraft hybrid ever.


SkySaga, Yogsventures, Order 1886, Length of Games.

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After a couple of attempts the buys finally record a full episode. Here in all its glory, episode 101.3.

Discussed: Grow Home, COD Zombies, Evolve, Tony Hawk, Sunset Overdrive, ASL?, Dial Up Modems, Subtitles.

Recorded: 18/02/2015

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WOW! Made it to 100 and it almost ends in the final minutes of this episode. We are very thankful to everyone that listens and we hope you keep enjoying our shenanigans. 

The four of us decide to take the usual aproach talking about the games we play, we want and we love and fill your ears and eyes with those thoughts. 

Things Discussed:
Grim Fandango, Life is Strange, WOW, GTAV, Spooky Selfies, I Am Bread, Battlefield Hardline Beta.

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One to one hundred! Wow how have we got this far. We are joined by guest Marcus Reed to discuss all things he liked about Dragon Age. We dare to dream about publishing a game and how scared can a trailer get you.

Things Discussed:
Indi Publishing, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars Battlefront, Abduction, Until Dawn, Deadly Premonition, D4, GTAV, Far Cry 4, Last Of Us.

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We talk about how Lucas looks like a wacky waving inflatable arm man, how Rhys still thinks The Walking Dead is better than most and why Doug can't reflect on classic adventure games other than Sierra.

Things Discussed:
Just Dance 2015, The Walking Dead, Grim Fandango, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dying Light, Life is Strange, Jump 'n' Bump, The Order 1886

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One of the podcasters discovers a hidden power they never knew they had. Some might think they should use this power for good, but is that what happens? We also sit on a table and cheat against one another, stab each other and pop some peggles.

Things Discussed: Screen Cheat, Nidhogg, Far Cry, Peggle, Crawl, H1Z1, Beyond Two Souls.

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At first it was a game bit then it was an addiction. Lucas returns from his vacation having played a few games over the break. This War of Mine and A Link Between Worlds take up some time but Hearthstone is what really stops him from experiencing daylight. A Magic The Gathering lover finds Hearthstone a digital game could actually be physical. Doug finishes The Walking Dead season 1 so he has some conversation with Rhys, meanwhile Rhys needs to pee.

Things Discussed:

Hearthstone, This War of Mine, A Link Between Worlds, The Walking Dead

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It's a new year for everyone so catch up with what Rhys, Doug and Ben got up to over the holiday break! Did Rhys play some Far Cry 4 and play in the snow in GTA Online? Did Doug actaull play and finish a game, maybe it was Brother: A Tale of Two Sons? And did Ben get his creep on watching naked couples doing wierd stuff in World of Warcraft?


Things Discussed:
Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, Steam Streaming, Brother: A Tale of Two Sons, World of Warcraft, Super Hot, Skyrim, Crossy Road.

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The final episode of the year. We look back on our anticipated games from 2013 and look forward to our anticipated games in 2015. We discuss our Game Of The Year, Biggest Dissapointment, Surprise Hit and Biggest Time Waster. Did Doug enjoy this year and who was he winking at?

Things Discussed: 
Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Star Citizen, Wolfenstein, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Broken Age, The Witness, The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, The Division, No Man's Sky, Stonehearth, Limit Theory, Hotline Miami 2, Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, Super Mario 3D World, Walking Dead Season 2, This War of Mine, Thief, Spacebase DF9, Peggle 2, Gods Will Be Watching, Crossy Road.

Top Games of 2014:
Lucas: Super Mario 3D World
Rhys: Walking Dead Season 2
Doug: 2013

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