The Trusty Crowbar

GAMES GAMES GAMES and GAMES before Fallout came out. We know the internet is abuzz with Fallout and Battlefront right now but take a short time to listen to a bunch of dudes talk about games no one else it talking about... and then a little about Fallout 3.


Things Discussed:

Call of Duty: Black OPS 3, Agent A, Lumino City, Fallout 4.

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This week brings a barrel full of newb to the table as Mark joins the Trusty Crowbar on an adventure into games that he plays and a whole lot of faffing about. We find time to discuss some historical fun and look to the future and what it brings.

Things Discussed:
Get Medieval, Damned, DOTA 2, Half Life 2, Fifa, Abes Odyssey, Guitar Hero Live, Until Dawn, Skyshines Bedlam, California Games, Minecraft Story Mode.

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