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We talk about how Lucas looks like a wacky waving inflatable arm man, how Rhys still thinks The Walking Dead is better than most and why Doug can't reflect on classic adventure games other than Sierra.

Things Discussed:
Just Dance 2015, The Walking Dead, Grim Fandango, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dying Light, Life is Strange, Jump 'n' Bump, The Order 1886

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One of the podcasters discovers a hidden power they never knew they had. Some might think they should use this power for good, but is that what happens? We also sit on a table and cheat against one another, stab each other and pop some peggles.

Things Discussed: Screen Cheat, Nidhogg, Far Cry, Peggle, Crawl, H1Z1, Beyond Two Souls.

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At first it was a game bit then it was an addiction. Lucas returns from his vacation having played a few games over the break. This War of Mine and A Link Between Worlds take up some time but Hearthstone is what really stops him from experiencing daylight. A Magic The Gathering lover finds Hearthstone a digital game could actually be physical. Doug finishes The Walking Dead season 1 so he has some conversation with Rhys, meanwhile Rhys needs to pee.

Things Discussed:

Hearthstone, This War of Mine, A Link Between Worlds, The Walking Dead

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It's a new year for everyone so catch up with what Rhys, Doug and Ben got up to over the holiday break! Did Rhys play some Far Cry 4 and play in the snow in GTA Online? Did Doug actaull play and finish a game, maybe it was Brother: A Tale of Two Sons? And did Ben get his creep on watching naked couples doing wierd stuff in World of Warcraft?


Things Discussed:
Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, Steam Streaming, Brother: A Tale of Two Sons, World of Warcraft, Super Hot, Skyrim, Crossy Road.

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