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A thorough and detailed description of the Destiny Vault of Glass raid spans nearly the same time needed to complete the raid at the age of 23. Rhys and Lucas go spelunking and 'find' a dead woman. After talking to the xenomorph using the latest hand-phone glitch technology in Alien Isolation they decide to look at very pretty Vanishing Of Ethan Carter textures, and you can listen to them. Finally we step back in Nostelgia Lane and first time visitor Rhys discusses his thoughts on Ocarina Of Time.

Things Discussed:

Alien Isolation, Destiny Vault Of Glass Raid, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Spelunky, Ocarina Of Time, Bonds Underwear.

Monday, 27th October

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The direct contradictory depiction of the corruptive nature of power in Lord of the Rings novels when compared to Shadow of Mordor gets diluted when discussion leads into how to pronounce Uruk. What amount of corridor shooting is apropriate and does it need to be there?

Things Discussed:

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Diablo 3, Skyrim, Mass Effects 3, Impossible Rush, Playtation Exclusive TV Show: Powers.

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In this lucrative episode we shoot down a corridor and talk about the latest in games. How do we pronounce Bastion? What Orc came back for revenge in Shadow Of Mordor? Who can get the most obscure Trophie on PSN and is it worth it?

Things Discussed:

Destiny, Last Of Us, Pokemon Snap, PSN Trophies, Battlefield 1943, Games @ School, King Kong, Transistor, Shadow Of Mordor, Oculus Rift Play.

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