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This week we take on the heavyweight champion and sit by a loot cave in Destiny some more. What have we learned to like and what has frustrated us? Can GTA V first person mode create a whole new game or will it just be a neat trick thats forgotten? What clothing line will fill a cast members wardrobe?

Things Discussed:

Destiny, GTA V First Person Mode, Borderlands, Dougs Special PS4, Metal Gear Collection, Wolfenstein

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September 24, 2014

A games conference attendant discusses the playing and watching of the games that have not come out yet. So many games and so little time to talk about them the team power through games, hardware and possibilities of a new generation.

Things Discussed:

SingStar, Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift Dev Kit 3, Playstation TV, The Order 1886, Evolve, Smash Bros, The Evil Within, Alien Isolation, Fear, Razer Chroma Black Widow, GTA V, COD AW, Hero's Of The Storm, Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Witcher 3, 2K15 Faces.

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September 17, 2014

Why is it so hard to breath in space. It's a question that trouble the team when playing space type games. Can Microsoft dig themselves out of their hole by buying Minecraft and the dead have come back... Again.

Things Discussed:

Minecraft, Spacebase DF9, Destiny, Microsoft Buy Minecraft, The Walking Dead


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September 10, 2014

What begins with a discussion stemming from what was listened to during the week expanded into a tirade of micro enhancements in modern games. +20% to accuracy when you pre order or definitive edition with automic door unlockers are not what some members feel enhance the game.

Things Discussed:

Minecraft, Spacebase DF9, Landmark, Standalone Launchers, Destiny, Halo, Exclusives, Screen Cheat, Super Hot, Stranglehold, Steam VS ACCC, Oculus Rift, Color Blindness, Gridlocked.

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August 03, 2014

Someone is involved in a conspiracy about the day of the week. We discuss fresh air and pollution deniers. Imagination into phantom vibrating and the NSA listens to our podcast then posts an add to our Facebook page. A game of constant updates breaks time and space when you haven’t played it in a month.

Things Discussed:

Cookie Clicker, Bitcoin Mining, The Last Of Us: Grounded Mode, Destiny, Peggle 2, Pachinko, PS4 Controller Thumbsticks, Special Controller Gloves, Relationships in Video Games, GTAV Mod, Unturned, Walking Dead Season 2, Diablo 3, Minecraft 1.8 update, SimCraft.

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