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The final episode of the year. We look back on our anticipated games from 2013 and look forward to our anticipated games in 2015. We discuss our Game Of The Year, Biggest Dissapointment, Surprise Hit and Biggest Time Waster. Did Doug enjoy this year and who was he winking at?

Things Discussed: 
Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Star Citizen, Wolfenstein, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Broken Age, The Witness, The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, The Division, No Man's Sky, Stonehearth, Limit Theory, Hotline Miami 2, Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, Super Mario 3D World, Walking Dead Season 2, This War of Mine, Thief, Spacebase DF9, Peggle 2, Gods Will Be Watching, Crossy Road.

Top Games of 2014:
Lucas: Super Mario 3D World
Rhys: Walking Dead Season 2
Doug: 2013

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A in depth discussion on female protagonists and female gamers between the top five from our special guest Tom and the latest video of Uncharted 4.

Things Discussed:

GTAV removed from stores, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Pokemon, NBA 2k Series

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We discuss a full range os iOS and Android games.

Things Discussed:

80 Days, Duet, Zengrams, Crossy Road, PS Store vs Xbox One Store, Zombies Run, Assasins Creed Unity, GTA V

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A thrilling discussion on GTA V first person mode and the raw brutality that a change in perspective can bring to a game. Rhys plays Conkers Bad Fur Day 64 and our special guest explains why yearly Madden games are different games and GTAV remastered is the same as before.

Things Discussed:

Grand Theft Auto V PS4, Crossy Road, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Madden

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Topical discussion on game design in Framed and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Mariokart 8 is loved by all and This War Of Mine is a great indication of games as art and experience. 

Things Discussed:

Mariokart 8, Just Cause 3, Framed, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, This War of Mine

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Do conga lines really make you that safe? Thats the true question. What did Kieran get up to on his hunnymoon. Can Doug handle spoilers for Mass Effect. And what do the guys want more of from Rockstar.


Things Discussed:

The Evil Witing, Destiny, Arkham Origins, Mass Effect, Gta 5 First Person, Gta San Andraes


Monday, 10th November

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Reminiscing the age old indie games like Dope Wars and Elastomania makes us want them to be re-released. We break the wall between Uruks in Shadow of Mordor and how frightening it must be to see a Wraith climbing an invisible wall. What were the creators really thinking when they made the Nintendo 64 Controller or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Where would The Last of Us be without crates. And what happens when you abuse reviewers or even threaten Gabe Neil.

Things Discussed:

Oculus Rift, Dope Wars, Elastomania, Shadow of Mordor, Assassins Creed: Black flag, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Nintendo 64 and Controller, Gamecube and Controller, The Last of Us, Rust, The Slaughter Grounds, Hatred, Paranautical Activity. 


Monday, 3rd November

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A thorough and detailed description of the Destiny Vault of Glass raid spans nearly the same time needed to complete the raid at the age of 23. Rhys and Lucas go spelunking and 'find' a dead woman. After talking to the xenomorph using the latest hand-phone glitch technology in Alien Isolation they decide to look at very pretty Vanishing Of Ethan Carter textures, and you can listen to them. Finally we step back in Nostelgia Lane and first time visitor Rhys discusses his thoughts on Ocarina Of Time.

Things Discussed:

Alien Isolation, Destiny Vault Of Glass Raid, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Spelunky, Ocarina Of Time, Bonds Underwear.

Monday, 27th October

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The direct contradictory depiction of the corruptive nature of power in Lord of the Rings novels when compared to Shadow of Mordor gets diluted when discussion leads into how to pronounce Uruk. What amount of corridor shooting is apropriate and does it need to be there?

Things Discussed:

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Diablo 3, Skyrim, Mass Effects 3, Impossible Rush, Playtation Exclusive TV Show: Powers.

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In this lucrative episode we shoot down a corridor and talk about the latest in games. How do we pronounce Bastion? What Orc came back for revenge in Shadow Of Mordor? Who can get the most obscure Trophie on PSN and is it worth it?

Things Discussed:

Destiny, Last Of Us, Pokemon Snap, PSN Trophies, Battlefield 1943, Games @ School, King Kong, Transistor, Shadow Of Mordor, Oculus Rift Play.

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