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This week we discuss our thoughts on the XBOX ONE. we review Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. We also look at twitch integration, apple buying Kinect company, Black Mesa for sale and John Carmack going to Oculus full time.

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Sony sells 1 million consoles, PS4 blue light of death, will Next Gen peak early in development? Towerfall on PS4, Last of Us Left Behind, Uncharted PS4, Fallout 4 Survivor 2299, PS4 Xbox One size comparison.

What defines last gen to you?

Doug plays GTA V

Lucas plays Papers, Please

Rhys plays Black Ops 2

James plays Starcraft 2

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Xbox One released early, World of Warcraft movie, COD Ghosts $1 billion, super funny question time and WHIP from the week.

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This week covering news from Vita, PS4 and Xbox One. We also bring QUESTION TIME back in for a good laugh.

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R: 04/11/13

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The return of Rhys bring the group back together in full to discuss the latest in gaming news for the week.

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