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This week Lucas returns to discuss his recent outing at a video game event. Xbox One and PS4 Controller review, next gen graphics, Ryse, Dead Rising, Dying Light, South Park and plenty of group chat about Grand Theft Auto V.

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This episode Rhys, James, Doug and special guest Zac talk some more on GTA 5's new playing elements and how far Rockstar went with their budget, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon possibility for a boxed copy, NEW Sony PS Vita TV and what possibilities it could present, XBOX Ones Release Date, Zelda Wind Waker HD remake and much, much more!

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Bringing you the news this week is Rhys, Doug, James and Lucas. We discuss the new Halo 5, 2DS, Broken Age, Next Gen Launch, GTA V score, Star Citizen, Xbox One not ready.

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