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This week we discuss PS4 and Xbox One launch titles, Titalfall, Elder Scrolls Online and GTAV

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This week our gaming gurus discuss 0x10c and how it should have been a cross with FTL and Guns of Icarus. Dying Light lead designers and his previous work on Prototype 2. How Infamous Second Son looks way better than the other games. Assassin Creed and Resistance being games you can start anywhere in the series. Doug needing to play Mafia 1. How keen we are to play GTA V and then some Disney Infinity updates.

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This week we cover Dota 2 Championship, Candy Crushed the bank, Xbox one updates, id software duo now at Oculus, streaming on the new consoles and what we would change in the new consoles.

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Ouya $13.37 leet money, Steam drug deals, Saints Row 4 loses to drugs, Xbox One graphics boost.

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