The Trusty Crowbar

Its go time at The Trusty Crowbar as we discuss Ouya delivery times and game sales, Phil Fish leaves games, 7 Days to Die, Next Gen mobile graphics, Penis Powered Games and Oculus Rift.

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This weeks players are Lucas, Douglas, James and guest Ben. They discuss the Firefly game we've been waiting for, sort of, the Oculus Rift news, more Xbox One features announced and our Steam Game Purchases and playtime.

Thanks for listening.

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Just want to first say thanks to all our listeners. We keep doing this because you keep listening, so thanks again :)


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News: GTAV, Steam Sales, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars and Ultimate Street Fighter

Join Lucas, James, Doug and Rhys once again as they look into video games on 15/07/2013

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The first in the new series, our new name. Nothing much else has changed. 

From Microsoft to Zynga CEO, PS4 bundles game, Zynga email support, Double Fine needs money. 

Games talked about:
Rust, Star Citizen, Fire Emblem, Star Citizen, Deadpool.

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This week is the last week for our name On Lake Hylia, we are now The Trusty Crowbar. However we didnt know this while recording. So next week is officially The Trusty Crowbar. 

This week we discuss Alien Anal Probes, Classification Revues and State Of Decay.
On The Spot is officially a new segment, randomly put in somewhere and has a cool tune.
And we WHIP is into shape. 

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