The Trusty Crowbar

Everything just keeps on changing. We discuss the Xbox 180, E3 for WiiU, our selling pitches, our game creativity and what we have played. Question time returns with some fun questions. Join Lucas, James, Rhys and Ben on this weeks adventure.

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Lucas, James, Rhys and guest Ben discuss everything they have heard, read, listened to about E3 2013. We have our own opinions and we share them with you and each other. Have a listen, have a laugh, this one is a crack up!

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We discuss all the big news before the biggest event on the gaming callender, E3.

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The boys are considering a name change. Something unique, something games. Listen to their silliness, the latest in gaming news, their favorite game and what they played in the last week or two for some. Lucas and James return to discuss all this with Doug and Rhys.

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