The Trusty Crowbar

Rhys, Doug and special guest Zach

Xbox, TV, Sports and Call of Duty (or was that the Xbox event?)

Kickstarter with Doug


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Hosts: Lucas, James, Doug and welcome return to Rhys

News: Rhys' holiday, Space Sex, Blur Studios, Ouya at the parking Lot, E3, Emulators, New Super Luigi Bros U, Nintendo Let's Play Advertising Revenue, EA removes online pass, Microsoft Points could be going, Batman Arkham Origins

Kickstarter: Limit Theory, Stonehearth, Among The Sleep

WHIP: Dead linger, Run That Town, Mariakart, Minecraft, First 9 holes at Howlong

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Lucas, James, Doug and Ben


Star Wars and EA Games, Sim City update, Humble Bundle, Minecraft Oculus Rift, Stea, Trading Cards.


Among The Sleep, OUYA, Stonehearth, Stomping Land

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Lucas, James, Doug and guest Ben talk it out.


GTA V trailers, Call of Duty: Ghosts, New Intel Integrated Chips, Oculus Rift arm and body rigging, mod for Half Life 2 Ep 1 gets a guy a job


Soul Fjord, Stonehearth


Star Command, Limit Theory Prototype, Just Cause 2

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