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Lucas, James, Doug and Ben discuss the New Xbox May 21, Call Of Duty Ghosts and No E3 for Nintendo.

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News: Criterion Non Racing Game, Heavy Rain Prices, Link To The Past 2, Deadpool Game, WW2 Shooters?, Skyrim Legendary, Old or New XCOM, Respawns Titan or Blizzards Titan.

Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation, Limit Theory, Timber ad Stone

Question Time: 

Should their be a network where players from both X-Box and Playstation can play co-op multiplayer games together regardless of home console?
Two characters you'd like to see cross over into each others games?
Do you or don't you do micro transactions? Why?
What do you think is the most UNDER used feature in gaming consoles and gaming in genral.
What do you think is the most OVER used feature in gaming. 

WHIP: Bioshock Infinite, Legend Of Grimrock, Persona 4 Golden

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WE'RE GIVING AWAY COPIES OF DOTA 2! Yes, we have a (limited) splurge of copies of Dota 2 to gift to our fans. Listen to the podcast to find out HOW TO GET ONE! 

This week we dive into Minecraft Retail Edition, Road Redemption, Naughty Dog Game Testers, Arkham Origin, HDMI In?, Notch is #2, Halo Movie and we take a long conversational look at our views on Bioshock Infinite. Also Kickstarter, Question Time and WHIP.

R: 15/04/2013

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This week special guest Ben Cann joins Lucas, Doug and Rhys for an exciting episode covering Lucasarts closure, Always On Xbox, 0x10c block, Kickstarter with Doug, Question Time and some Whip with these cool Mad Men.

R: 08/04/2013

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The second part of this weeks super episode.

Kickstarter with Doug, Question Time and WHIP

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This week was a long episode so it was decided to split it in two so people who may not get through at entire episode, or those who like certain sections better can listen to what they want.

Part 1 is Gaming News

MGSV: Phantom Pain, Deus Ex: Human Defiance, Starcraft is 15, 15 years in a cafe, Unreal Engine 4, Oculus Rift and Ouya starts shipping, No Hayter in MGSV, Thief 4, Hotline Miami 2, Double Fine Broken Age, IGF 2013 winner, PS4, Retro City Rampage Money. 

R: 01/04/2013

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