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On this weeks episode, Rick...I mean Rhys is absent and we get special guest from Zegama Beach, Rob Taylor to take his place. We also cover 1.1 million sales for two big hit games, Broken Age, A.I. in Minecraft, Ducktales Remake, Deus Ex WiiU Boss Fights, DayZ Release Time, Total War Fan, Fox Engine, Kingdom Hearts 1.5,, Kickstarter: Guns of Icarus and Star Command, Question Time and WHIP.

Taking us out this week was Doug, it was quite humorous. 

R: 25/03/2013

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This week we cover Timesplitters fan make, Saints Row 4, new Civilization 5 addon, the weird Phantom Pain interview, Star Wars first assault on hold, Minecraft Retail version and Realms, Ouya missing features and we buy a lot on the Bethesda store. In Kickstarter we cover Timber and Stone. Question Time is always fun and WHIP Starcraft 2, Pokemon, Timber and Stone and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

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This week we look at the news that took over everything this week. Sim City and its flawed launch takes over as we build a podcast from scratch, add some industry NEWS, put in some residency QUESTIONS and build a WHIP turbine. Topics covered are DayZ updates, Garrys Mod makes $22million, 7th Guest: 3, Plague Inc, OUYA soon, Tropico trumps and Torment Kickstarter.

R: 11/03/13

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Its time for JUMBLECAST where we decided to change the arrangement of the podcast segments. In which we completely failed and we all were a bit mind melted when we got to News. But don't worry because we got the latest in news, some very amusing questions all over the podcast and plenty of WHIP to go around.

R: 04/03/13

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