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This episode if full of laughs and plenty of jokes. The guys take an oddysee into the world of news after a console announcement and find there is not much there. Once they get through talking about Sim City, Simulations and Simeloins the find their way to a new segment, Nostalgia Lake. Lots of Question Time Q's and still tile for a WHIP.

R: 25/02/13

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All the hosts cover all the news on the PS4. Get up to date and listen to us evaluate the scope of the Playstation 4.

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Be sure to look out for the SPECIAL BONUS ROUND on our thoughts after the Playstation Announcement this Friday

This week we sneak past all the hustle and bustle surrounding the Playstation announcement and check out the latest news on a few games not yet released. Watch Dogs, Disney Infinity, Donkey Kong Country 3DS and The Last Guardian. Find out what Rhys is still playing, where Doug sees the evolution in Boob technology, who Special Guests for James (it's Zach) and what Lucas thinks the biggest news this week is.

R: 17/02/2013

Segments this week: News, Kickstarter, Question Time, WHIP

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It's a week of relaxing and resting on a couch, maybe too relaxed. All the hosts fill you in on the latest in News, find out how many Kickstarter updates Doug has been reading, laugh at the answers we give to Rhys and see how much we all get WHIP into shape. Can you roll and eight? Tweet us your questions @OnLakeHylia

Segments this week: News, Kickstarter, Question Time and WHIP

R: 11/02/13

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On this weeks episode straight from Lake Hylia we discuss the Announcement for an Announcement by Sony, the pushing back of GTA V, Mojangs Millions and more! Following News with segment on Kickstarter, Question Time and WHIP!

R: 04/02/12

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