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And they just keep on getting bigger! This week sees the longest episode yet. Rhys is absent in this episode so we have a special guest Ben Cann joining Lucas, James and Doug. They discuss being colorblind and how Sim City is helping Doug, Ouya changes so Lucas doesn't feel like he was ripped off, James tears up a little over THQ selling off and Ben gets excited over a Job Application and much much more. This weeks segments are News, Question Time (with Shout Out) and W.H.I.P.

R: 28/01/2013

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After several starts and a few technical mishaps, lady luck was with us all and got Episode 6 recorded. This week our podcasters Lucas, Rhys, Doug and James cover the Skylanders Disney Clone, wipe Too Human from our existence, ponder on the opposite sides Australia and US are looking at Violent Video Games at the moment and give a SHOUT OUT to a fan in Question Time.


R: 21/01/2013

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On this weeks episode the boys are joined by Rob from 'Zegama Beach Podcast' for some non-gamer discussion and comic relief. We discuss the the Steam Box idea, more CES 2013 and where Pokemon should be going.

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R: 14/01/13

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Back for the new year! Douglas returns to join Lucas, James and Rhys for an episode looking at whats in store for video games this year! Orbis, Durango, Steam Box, Ouya, GameStick and Nvidia's recently announced handheld top the list of news. Also find out what information Lucas can get wrong, how Doug likes to involve members of the group in conversations and how to WIN A GAME!

Stay tuned weekly for the news we think is interesting, the games we want to play and the many vocal ranges we can project on a podcast.

The Audio is much better though it has a slight echo...echo...

Thanks for listening!

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R: 07/01/13

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