The Trusty Crowbar

This is the final episode of the year!

We take the whole episode to look back on our Trusty Crowbar Top 10 of the year. We each wrote down our individual top 10. Number 1 got 10 points, 2 got 9 and so on. If any game was in two crowbars list then it got an extra 2 points, in three it got 3 etc.

Games were only listed if they came out this podcast year. (Except for James' cheat, LOL)

We also look at our most anticipated games of next year!

We hope you have enjoyed this podcast and we look forward to bringing you more gaming news in the near future.


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We celebrate by looking back on some of the names that Lucas has given the podcasts.

We cover the latest news, discuss our final thoughts on the PS4 vs Xbox One and we talk about the games that have kept us busy over the past week.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR LISTENING!!! Stay tuned, big things for next year!!!!

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This week we discuss our thoughts on the XBOX ONE. we review Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. We also look at twitch integration, apple buying Kinect company, Black Mesa for sale and John Carmack going to Oculus full time.

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Sony sells 1 million consoles, PS4 blue light of death, will Next Gen peak early in development? Towerfall on PS4, Last of Us Left Behind, Uncharted PS4, Fallout 4 Survivor 2299, PS4 Xbox One size comparison.

What defines last gen to you?

Doug plays GTA V

Lucas plays Papers, Please

Rhys plays Black Ops 2

James plays Starcraft 2

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Xbox One released early, World of Warcraft movie, COD Ghosts $1 billion, super funny question time and WHIP from the week.

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This week covering news from Vita, PS4 and Xbox One. We also bring QUESTION TIME back in for a good laugh.

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R: 04/11/13

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The return of Rhys bring the group back together in full to discuss the latest in gaming news for the week.

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Lucas, Doug and James are joined by special guest Emily to discuss CastAR, GTA V music issues and then some more GTA, Lacross Videos Games and we also dive into Emily's gaming history, her favorites and plenty of WHIP from all of us.

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This week Rhys is absent so we are joined by On Earth One podcaster Kieran Nunn to discuss Sony's 3D VR Headset, PS4 controller PC compatibility, PS4 price adjustment, Classic Games Stunt Driver, Gizmos and Gadgets and The Incredible Machine, Half Life 3 Bogus News and a bit of Question Time, WHIP and some talk of FREEBIES!

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We discuss the Steam Controller, Haptic Feedback and Touchpad sensitivity. PS4 sales predictions and game file size. The WiiU update and GTA Online.

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