The Trusty Crowbar

Its the final episode of the year and the end of the first trilogy, or as some would just say 'the third episode'.

Doug couldn't attend so Lucas, James, Rhys are joined by special guest Zac as they delve into the world of HD remakes. Discuss the games of Amnesia Fortnight. Overload Rhys and James with Metal Gear info and get asked questions about gaming past times.

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R: 17/12/12

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It's on like Donkey L Jackson!

Back for another week of news, reviews and games. We discuss the Steam Hardware idea, talk about the Video Game Awards and speculate on how good next years games will be.

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Video Games On Lake Hylia!

Join Lucas, James, Rhys and Doug on this podcast talking about Video Games. Listen to these four mates talking about the video games they like and play, all the latest in news, reviews and opinions. Find out what doug thinks of Kickstarter, why James isn't playing FTL, how much Lucas can not enthuse anyone with an introdution and the reason Rhys is so in love with his purple shirt.

This is the first of many weekly podcasts on Video Games. We hope you enjoy and look forward to making more.

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